Referring Physician:  Pr. Jean-Pierre Hugot

Summary of the study

Anastomotic ulcerations are rare complications occurring after anastomotic surgical resection of the small intestine and/or colon. The diseases for which surgery is necessary are many and varied: ulcerative necrotizing enterocolitis, small bowel atresia, volvulus, Hirschprung’s disease, etc.

Perianastomotic ulcerations often occur several months or years after surgery. They are expressed by variable signs: pain, diarrhoea, growth retardation, deterioration in general condition, anaemia, inflammatory syndrome, hypoalbuminaemia, etc. Treatment is poorly codified and usually difficult. Data in the literature are scarce and disparate.

The aim of the study is to better understand the clinical presentation and the response to various treatments offered by completing a typical CRF for each patient. This is therefore a descriptive cohort study.


Inclusions completed, results being written up.