Referring Physician: Pr. Franck ZERBIB

Summary of the study

Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIPO) is a rare, heterogeneous, complex and poorly understood disease. Its diagnosis is difficult and its management is complex and poorly codified. This study focuses on adult subjects living in 2018 or who died after January 2017.

The main objective is to compose a picture of CIPO in adults in 2018, by evaluating the demographic data, frequency, and severity, but also the habits and modes of management (drug, nutritional, surgical, analgesic).

The secondary objectives are multiple:

  • Identify the predictive factors for the need for parenteral nutrition.
  • Analyse the evolution of weight under artificial nutrition.
  • Identify the factors that allow differentiation between primary CIPO in adulthood and CIPO occurring in paediatric patients.
  • Identify the factors enabling prognosis of cases of secondary CIPO.
  • Identify the factors enabling prognosis of cases of primary CIPO
  • Identify the differences between secondary CIPO and primary CIPO.
  • Evaluation of the diagnostic criteria used.


Study completed, results published.