MARDI Reference center annual conference 2021: Replays and presentations

We are pleased to annouce the publication of video replays and presentations of the MaRDI reference center and FIMATHO joint meeting related to "eating" as well as the annual MARDI meeting: 

Wednesday 23 June morning 
MaRDireference center and FIMATHO on the theme "eating" access the video playlist

The guest speakers answered the the question: what is the meaning of "to eat" ?

Wednesday 23 June afternoon MaRDi reference center access the video playlist

  • News of the year: Pr Jean-Pierre HUGOT and Naim DRID watch the replay
  • Organoids in research and the clinic (Dr Maxime MAHE, INSERM researcher, Nantes) - watch the replay
  • Presentations of MARDI reference center - watch the replay
    • Good practices guide in HEN and HPN (Pr Stéphane SCHNEIDER, Nice) - download
    • Figures from HPN and HEN in France (Dr Dominique GUIMBER, Dr Nicolas DANEL, Lille)
    • Liver tests abnormalities found at the beginning of parenteral nutirtion  (Dr Adrien NICOLAU, Nice) - download
    • HPN and kidney (Pr Noel PERETTI, Lyon) download
    • Anastomotic ulcerations: European survey (Pr Jean-Pierre HUGOT, Paris) download
    • Central catheter thrombosis (Dr Julien GOTCHAC, Bordeaux) - download
    • Prospective study on Central catheter infections (Dr Mathilde COHEN, Beaujon) download
    • Growth after weaning from HPN (Dr Emmanuelle DUGELAY, Paris)
    • A TVE platform for short bowel syndrome (Prof. Francisca JOLY, Beaujon)
    • Congenital enteropathies : Mortality and morbidity (Dr Alexandre FABRE, Marseille) download
    • Sirolimus and juvenile infantile polyposis (Pr Emmanuel MAS, Toulouse) download
    • Duplication of 16q24.1 including FOXF1 and congenital short bowel (Dr Alinoe LAVILLAUREIX, Dr Alain DABADIE, Rennes) download
    • Discovery trays for children's TOAs (Clémence BÉGO, Paris) download

Den and Jean-Pierre