"Useful resources” flyer

In this flyer, you will find information regarding rare diseases, rare disease stakeholders, the organisation of treatment in France, as well as contact information for associations.

Rare disease centres who request it may also obtain a detachable sheet on which the contact information of local professionals is indicated.

This leaflet is included in "birth kits."


FIMATHO leaflet

The purpose of this flyer is to succinctly present the FIMATHO health network.

You can find our missions, the map of reference and competence centres, our main actions, key figures, patients associations that we partner with, and the contact information for network contacts.


Booklet on "Rare disease health networks"

Latest update: June 2020 - This booklet describes the missions of rare disease health networks within the framework of the National Rare Disease Plans and presents the 23 networks.


Rare diseases resource document for general practitioners

A survey conducted with general practitioners shows that almost the half of the respondents bad knows rare diseases.

Faced with this situation, the Collège de la Médecine Générale, the rare diseases Health networks and Maladies Rares Info Services, propose a “resources memo” intended for general practitioners, which make an inventory of main stakeholders and specialists.