Watch on call for projects - March 2023

Tackling diseases call for projects - Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)

Deadline date:

  • 06 September 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time

This topic aims at supporting activities that are enabling or contributing to one or several expected impacts of destination 3 “Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden”.

Proposals should aim to develop therapies for rare diseases with no approved therapeutic option. Proposals should focus on group(s) of rare diseases with commonalities, such as shared biological features, possibly within the same and/or across different medical areas within the rare diseases landscape. Thus, proposals should not address a single disease only (for example with an Orphacode representing a single disease).

The therapies to be developed may include a broad family of therapeutic interventions such as small molecule(s), advanced therapy medicinal products, repurposing of existing medicinal products, including non-pharmacological interventions and/or their combinations, as relevant. Rare infectious diseases and rare cancers are excluded from this topic and will not be considered.

The topic will support proposals covering several different stages in the continuum of the innovation pathway (i.e. translational, preclinical, clinical research, validation in the clinical and/or real-world setting etc.), as relevant. SME(s) participation is encouraged with the aim to strengthen the scientific and technological basis of SME(s) and valorise their innovations for the benefit of people living with a rare disease.